here's what they're saying ...

Thank you so much for the unforgettable yoga retreat experience! You've given us the inspiration to continue with yoga and pursue balance.

Heading back home we're reflecting with admiration your passion and will to share with us your knowledge and practice for our personal well -being. Obviously this would have not been complete without the delicious, healthy and so nicely presented meals. We are leaving a piece of our heart with you. Namaste!

- Maria, Olga, Jocelyn, Agnavi (Brussels, USA and Portugal)

Thank you Tiana (Amari) and Shivam for everything you give for your generous hearted hospitality, and your understanding of what it means to have people relax! We have enjoyed our time at the pool, the beauty of the sky and hills and forests at every time of day and night listening to the birds, attuning to the sun rising and setting. We have enjoyed your presence, Shivam's exquisite food, and Tiana's superbly tuned in yoga and pranayama lessons all this in an atmosphere of love and respect. We're so glad we came!

Tony & Linda (U.K)

You are beautiful! Your paradise is beautiful! 

- Matthius & Usha (Germany)

A rare beacon of sanity in an increasingly insane world. The landscape, the birds, the flying grass hoppers, the hammocks, the hill, the evening walks onto the top of the Alentejo. A magical place. Thank you for sharing it with us, we will not forget it -a wonderful timeless week.

- Andy & Pippa (London) 


Thank you for the fantastic yoga lessons and creating a beautiful atmosphere to rest and recuperate in.

- Shan (UK)


Thank you so much for making this paradise on earth. We will come back, we're sure of that.

- Edu & Raquel (Spain)


This is the perfect 'retreat' - peace, tranquility and happiness. Thank you for your guidance and words of wisdom. I will do my 'cat and cow' until the cows come home. Shivam you are a fantastic chef thank you for all the cooking lessons. It was a wonderful experience.

- Jacinta (Ireland)


You are two of the most beautiful people I have met inside and out. Thank you so very much for caring for us so warmly and graciously. I have learnt so much and loved every minute of this experience. The food, the yoga and the peace was just amazing. 

- Rebecca (Ireland)


Staying at Martinheiras was a romantic adventure.  The drive through farmland and forest over an unsealed road until we reached the homestead 'on top of the world' invoked a sense that we were leaving one world and entering another. We were greeted with such friendliness by hosts Amari and Shivam and the warmth of this welcome continued throughout our 6 week stay. The beds were very comfortable, the rooms fresh, the view panoramic, the swimming pool delightful, the gardens lovely and the meals delicious to itemise just a few of the many details that were so lovingly attended to. Amari and Shivam were always generous with their time and ever helpful to guide our touring. We found Martinheiras to be the perfect sanctuary. You can well see that we were very happy with our stay!

- Linda and Martijn (Fremantle, Western Australia)


- Thank you for this perfectly peaceful ending to our stay in Portugal. With Shivam's awesome skills in the kitchen and Amari's way of teaching yoga, we found peace and harmony. We will be back!

- Andreas & Jennie (Sweden)


One week in heaven! We are very sad to leave this unique place. Thank you so much for being the perfect hosts. We have been travelling a lot, but this is a very special location. We will definately come back and send you our friends. Thanks so much for making us discover yoga! All in all we are 100% happy and moved to leave you today.

- Ben (Paris)


A truly lovely week in a stunning evironment, beautiful surroundings and very comfotable accomodation. We particularly enjoyed relaxing by the pool with beautiful views and spending late afternoons reading on Hammock Hill. Thank you for your kind hospitality, a delicious evening meal and great yoga classes.

- Byrony & Marcus (London)


A lovely off the grid escape, with reasonable driving distances to quaint old towns, stunning beaches and supermarkets. Great pool, lovely hosts and clean and comfortable rooms. An impressive solar system. Loved “Hammock Hill”. Oh, and bring your yoga mat - the yoga teacher is excellent!

- George (Spain)


This place was really a diamond find. Totally in the middle of nature and not a house in sight. The views were fantastic and the owners were very nice. The pool was large and great - hammocks to sit under beautiful trees, gardens and spectacular views! Wonderful we really enjoyed and will go back!

- Catherine Desser (UK)



Such a lovely and special place. Really felt like being at home. There are places that make a difference - this is one of those places, a difference for the better. 

- Ana (Lisbon)


One of the best places I have been to. Thank you so much. I want to come back!

- Leonor (Lisbon)


Time really does slow down in the Alentejo and no more so than at Martinheiras. We have really enjoyed the two weeks here - the stars you can almost reach, the bird song - endless experiences. Thank you to our perfect hosts too!

- Judy & Graham (England)


This is the third time here and it still feels like the first one. The peace that invades us is the overwhelming feeling this place brings to us. 

- Andre & Sofia (Lisbon)